MEAD - 20

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The MEAD is an acronym for Meridian Energy Analysis Device. The MEAD is a non-invasive easy way to give fast and precise examination of the human body.  It is especially designed for research institutions, Doctors and health businesses.   The device combines traditional Eastern and Modern Western ways of patient assessment. A personal computer is required for use of this equipment (the computer is not included with the purchase of MEAD).

The MEAD can do the following:

* Provides analysis information on body energy, automonic nerve balance, metabolism, yin-yang, Qi-blood, and the 5 Elements

* Includes therapy advice, dietary regimen and prescriptions based on results

* Based on a professional management database, which record patients' history and diagnosis information.

* Offers descriptive and specific diagnosis of abnormality and early warning of probable future dysfunctions.

* Supports multi-language requirements of Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English.

* Features are easy to learn and use. Operates under PC Windows systems.

* Allows you to obtain analysis information of the entire body within 3 minutes.

* Automatic system calibration.